Atom Weaver (atomweaver) wrote in scientistgamers,
Atom Weaver

Weekend of Geekdom

I hosted a three day weekend of gaming, as we do every year, inviting some of our gamer friends to eat, drink and play for three days. Attending scientist list included:

two chemists
one geneticist
two computer scientists
one mathematician (and paid game designer)
one radiologist

non-scientists included:

one japanese art history grad student
one banker
one game store manager
one military intelligence specialist
one FBI agent (employment responsibilities unknown)
one fine arts undergraduate student
one high school senior (with aspirations leaning towards law enforcement)
one political science (pre-law) adult student

7 scientists to eight non scientists. The games were mostly card (collectible and non-) and board games. Scientist accounted for about 55-60% of the wins, only a slight edge over their numbers. On the non scientist side, many of the wins were concentrated in the game store manager, and the military and law enforcement types. There's probably some good info here about the relative value of critical v. strategic thinking skills. If I weren't so tired from three consecutive nights of four hours sleep, I might be able to express it better...
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